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  • 2024-01-02

How to operate a manual forklift

Some people may not be familiar with manual forklifts, while others may be familiar with manual forklifts but have not actually operated them. Today, I will give you a detailed explanation of the usage of manual forklifts, hoping to be helpful to you.

Most manual forklifts are used in conjunction with pallets. We first need to ensure that the forks have been lowered to the lowest position, and then push the forklift to push the forks under the pallet, trying to maintain balance on both sides.

Then push the pressure relief lever on the handle forward and repeatedly press the arm up and down. Under the action of hydraulic pressure, the fork starts to slowly rise until it pushes the tray off the ground. Stop this operation at this time. If the road surface is uneven, you can add more.

At this point, the lifting operation of the manual forklift is completed, and the next step is transportation. Because the arm can rotate 180 °, it is easy and easy to handle during transportation, as long as the direction is well controlled.

When the manual forklift is pulled to the designated position, press the pressure relief lever. At this time, the hydraulic valve in the hydraulic device opens, and the hydraulic oil level drops while driving the fork to level down. The pallet is now stably placed on the ground.

This is the entire operation process of a manual forklift, hoping to be helpful to you.