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  • 2024-01-02

How much is the price of a DiNiu forklift

Di Niu Forklift, also known as manual handling truck or manual forklift, is mainly used for loading and unloading goods, and is useful in logistics warehouses, supermarkets, wholesale markets, and other places.

DiNiu forklift is usually seen in supermarkets as a convenient and compact transportation tool that uses hydraulic jacks for lifting and lowering. Usually yellow in color, it is relatively slender and easy to move. There is a handle and two wooden forks. After forking on the pallet, the volume will appear relatively large, usually able to transport about one or two tons of goods.

When handling goods, insert the fork of the ground cow forklift into the pallet at the bottom of the goods, then press the pedal, and the weight of the goods will be lifted and fall on the fork. Pulling the forklift will move the goods. The handle is like a steering wheel, controlling the direction of forklift operation to prevent collisions during forklift operation.

There are many brands of DiNiu forklifts on the market now, and the prices of forklift products from different brands vary. When customers purchase forklifts, they should not only focus on product prices, but also pay more attention to product quality. Choosing a forklift with good quality and excellent performance is not only efficient and safe, but also durable, saving forklift replacement costs.