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  • 2023-12-12

How to ensure the safety of using electric forklifts

The travel speed of electric forklifts usually has two gears, one is "turtle speed" and the other is normal speed. If you are not familiar with electric forklifts, it is recommended to use "turtle speed" first to ensure proficiency before moving at normal speed. Although electric forklifts are more efficient and labor-saving, their safety issues are not as good as manual forklifts. Accidents such as collisions and cargo dumping that occur in workshops often occur on electric forklifts, which are mainly related to improper user operation.

Firstly, if the driving speed is too fast and there is no deceleration before reaching the designated prevention point, but a sudden brake is applied after reaching the position, the goods on the electric forklift will collapse under the inertia effect, which is a typical violation of operating behavior and can easily cause economic losses and personal injuries. So when using an electric forklift, remember not to brake suddenly.

Secondly, during the turning process, a fast and sharp turn was adopted, and the goods on the forklift are prone to tilting under centrifugal force, and even the entire electric forklift may overturn during the sharp turn. So when using an electric forklift for turning, try to turn slowly and make large turns as much as possible.

The occurrence of accidents with electric forklifts is nothing more than the word "fast", so it is recommended to operate electric forklifts slowly to ensure stability. Although electric forklifts significantly improve work efficiency, safety must always be a prerequisite in any situation.