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  • 2023-12-25

Manual forklift parking requires unloading of goods and lowering to a low point

The combination of manual forklifts and pallets can greatly improve the efficiency of handling work. It can be said that the two are a natural pair. However, there is a common phenomenon in factory workshops where temporarily parked manual forklifts do not depressurize and lower the pallets to the ground, but still park in a forked load state. This situation poses significant safety hazards.

Generally, manual forklifts do not have a braking system, so when we need to park goods in a certain location, we must press the pressure relief valve to lower the forks to the lowest point and place the pallets on the ground to ensure the balance and stability of the goods. Even if we leave for a short time, we should cultivate such good habits. This approach not only ensures the safety of goods parking, but also to some extent relieves the pressure of manual forklifts, Avoiding the wear and tear of manual forklifts.

If this operation is ignored, it is easy for the entire vehicle's cargo to move and collide under external forces, leading to collapse accidents. Therefore, these often overlooked details must be taken seriously to ensure the safe and smooth operation of manual forklift handling.